Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Best Dad Ever!!

Happy Father's Day Dan!! We love you very much. Just lately have I realized how much we need and adore him. We are truely appreciative of all that he does for us. The girls and I couldn't live without him. We also want to let our dads know that they have given us these familiy values and we wouldn't be as close as we are without them. This slide show is of Dan's favorite pastime - our pond. Dan stocked the pond with all kinds of fish and he takes the girls to the pond all the time to feed the fish, see the geese and also to get a little wet at times!! Many memories have been made at our pond and we will never forget them. Also, to John and Jim (our dads) we love you very much and wish you a happy father's day as well. You truely all mean the world to us!!!!

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